How can Equipilates help you?

Your position has huge impact on the way your horse can move underneath you.  Your spinal alignment influences every aspect of your riding, from where your legs are positioned on the horse's sides to how you can apply a half halt aid.   Biomechanical restriction causes poor posture and vice versa-if any of the deep muscles in your core, and even muscles in your arms and legs which are connected in muscular chains through your core are in spasm or tight, it really affects how you absorb the shock of your horse's movement, for example in the sitting trot.   If you aren't absorbing shock really evenly through the front/back and left/right of your body, it blocks the thrust coming from his hindquarters through his spine and affects his movement.  Biomechanical restriction affects your 'loading', or weight distribution.  If your weight is unevenly distributed over both sides of the horse, perhaps loaded forward or back of the vertical line of gravity or you find it more difficult to turn your body one way compared to the other (or all of those things!) your body will be giving signals to the horse to move in a certain way, even if you aren't aware of it.  Even tiny deviations have an impact on how you and your horse work together.    

How can I help you become the rider your horse would choose?

Unmounted Training


Private and group sessions available

Pilates classes specifically designed for the rider.  Classes are charged at £48.00 for a block of six sessions and take place at the following locations:

Barkers Butts Rugby Club

Monday 7-8pm All levels

Solihull Riding Club

Thursday 7-8pm All levels

I also work wth Stoneligh Riding Club and offer Equipilates Sessions for members.  Clinics, talks and demonstrations available by arrangement for camps, riding clubs, yards etc. Contact me for details.


During these sessions you will receive a one to one assessment including an intrinsic biomechanics screening to identify any muscles which may be in spasm and may affect your weight distribution, symmety and function in the saddle.  

Sessions also include an assessment on the saddle horse and fit ball. You will receive a personalised exercise prescription.

One off or an ongiong programme can be arraged.

ABC - Alignment, Breathing and Core will also be explored during these sessions.

Unmounted sessions can be tailored to your requirements and can be provided as private, paired or group sessions.  Please contact me with your requirements.

Mounted Sessions

Mounted Poise and Performance Sessions  Clinics or private sessions available. I will work with you on your horse, with the aid of Visualise alignment jackets,  to identify and improve any assymetry which may be affecting your horse's performance. Before and after video/photos and off-horse exercises will be included where appropriate.   

If you would like to improve your 

A - alignment 

B - breathing  

C - core 

and improve your timing and feel, horse's balance and responsiveness, these sessions are for you!